Flaming character , coat on fire, agile on the move...

We are breeding irish setter in a small home based kennel in Helsinki, Finland. Our ambitious goal is to breed dogs with a healthy structure and an adoring character. I believe the most imporant tools in breeding are our own brains and hearts.
I fell in love with this beautiful dog more than 20 years ago and I truly believe that there is no more versatile and more inspiring race than the irish red setter. The Iirish has got some rhythm and it keeps you going!

We try to be as active with our dogs as possible. Mainly it's shows, agility, hiking and over all outdoors activities. The dogs in our kennel are our beloved family members and that's what we wish our puppies to become too.



We wish the future homes of the puppies to be active and to admire not only the beauty of the irish setter but also comprehend the versatile features of the race.

A healthy structured setter is suitable for many kinds on activities. We want to breed dogs that can find the joy of running in any kind of surrounding.



Take a look if have some puppies on the way!

If you are interested in a setter with flaming a character with some real rhythm to it, please contact me!


Vilja Vehkaoja - Kennel Red Rhythm's




Kennel Red Rhythm's
Vilja Vehkaoja, Hakuninmaa - Helsinki, FINLAND
tel. +358 44 549 5409