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News of Red Rhythm's irish setters have moved to
our Facebook page. Take a look HERE!

We have lots of big news like Rocco's BIS-4 placement,
Mila's and Rocco's great trip to Lithuania,
and of course some puppyplans!

TlnJW-11 LvJW-11 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco" BIS-4!






25.7.2013 Rocco finishes CAC's, Mila doing great

LvJv-12 TlnJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco"
turned two years and started competing in the open class with the "big boys".
He has still done great and has won all his classes! What a boy!
He also finished his CAC's with four.

Tuusula All breeds: EXC1, CQ, BM1, CAC, BOB, BIG4!! Judge Jeanie Montford, Australia.
Hämeenlinna All Breeds: ECX1, CQ, BM3 Judge Burski Wojciech, Poland.
Hyvinkää All breeds: EXC1, CQ, BM2 Judge Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania.

Photo: Ansun kuvat



Avon Farm Summer Wind "Mila"
is in a great condition and has done nicely. She'll be going to more
shows in the near future.

Tuusula All breeds: EXC2, CQ Judge Jeanie Montford, Australia.
Hämeenlinna All Breeds: ECX1, CQ, BB1, BOS! Judge Burski Wojciech, Poland.
Hyvinkää All breeds: EXC1, CQ, BB2 Judge Jurate Butkiene, Lithuania.

The summer has been long and hot. Look at some photos of my dogs and dogs
bred by me having lot of summer fun.

22.4. Rocco's first BOB!

Our young TlnJW-12 LvJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco"
took his first BOB under the appreciated judge Rainer Vuorinen in Sipoo speciality show with a praising critique. He also got his third CAC. I'm so happy for this!

22.4. Puppies planned for Mila

My dearest American import girl Mila (Avon Farm Summer wind)
has puppies planned for kennel Original.

Visit the site and contact Pauliina Artiola for more information!


14.3. Nice show results

Eura 10.3., judge Natalya Sedykh:
TlnJW-12 LvJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco" EXC1 CQ BD2 CAC!
LT CH Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" EXC1 CQ BB2

Valkeala 2.3., judge Jetta Tschokkinen:
TlnJW-12 LvJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco" EXC3
LT CH Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" EXC1 CQ BB2
By CH JW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" EXC1 CQ

TlnJW-12 LvJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco"

LT CH Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli"


14.3. More HD-results

LvJW-12 TlnJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco" HD B/B, ED 0/0
Red Rhythm's Chaos At The Disco "Remu" HD C/C, ED 1/1


14.3. I lost a big part of myself along with Luca


27.11. Nice HD result!

Red Rhythm's C'monLet's Twist "Eevi" has been x-rayed and her
HD score is A/A and ED score is 0/0.

Congratulations Maiju and Eevi!


23.9. Some nice show results from the summer!

Avon Farm Summer Wind "Mila"
Kiikoinen, Vera Smirnova: EXC1, CQ, CAC, BB1, BOB!!
Lammi, Jelena Kruus: EXC1, CQ, BB3, res-CAC
Kouvola: EXC1, CQ, BB2, CAC
Heinola, Tino Pehar: EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOS!
Tervakoski, Tapio Eerola: EXC2, CQ, BB2, res-CACIB

Mila has now collected all three CAC's she's allowed to have. Well done girl!

TlnJW-12 LtJW-12 Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco"

Kouvola: EXC1, CQ, BM2, CAC!
Heinola, Tino Pehar: EXC1, CQ, BM4, res-CAC


BY MVA FinJV-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa"
Lammi, Jelena Kruus: EXC2, CQ, BM3
Tervakoski KV, Tapio Eerola: EXC1

Red Rhythm's Brown Sugar "Martta"
Pieksämäki: EXC4, CQ
Porvoo: EXC4

Red Rhythm's Crash Boom Bang
Heinola, Tino Pehar: EXC2, CQ
Porvoo, Claudio Giuliani: EXC1, BOB-junior

Red Rhythm's Boogie Nights "Boogie"
Porvoo, Claudio Giuliani: EXC


EEV-10 EEJV-10 BY MVA Original Kiss Of Fire "Lempi"
Lammi, Jelena Kruus: EXC1, CQ, BB1, BOB!


Karmino Made Midnight Sun "Siiri
Karjaa: EXC1, CQ, BB4

A-litter PRA rcd4 CLEAR!

The father of our A-litter is now tested PRA rcd4 CLEAR.
Because the mother is also CLEAR we can gladly announce that the whole
A-litter is hedetarily CLEAR! Congrats!

Our B and C-litters are also CLEAR. Happines!


Lyyli is a Champion!

Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" is now Lithuanin Champion!
In Ukmerge shows:


Martta and the sea

Red Rhythm's Brown Sugar "Martta" enjoyed the beautiful shores of the Baltic Sea in the Latvian coast. Take a look at the photos!


14.5.2012 Finally some updates - and lots of them!

Our dear dear youngster Rocco (Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing) is now
both Latvian Junior Winner 2012 and Tallin Junior Winner 2012!
What a boy! Congrats Erja!

Rocco and Vilja in the old town of Tallin


Lyyli finished with 3 CAC's!

The mother of C-litter Lyyli (Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace) got
her third and last CAC at Lahti INT with the result EXC2 CQ BB4 CAC!



Martta from the B-litter (Red Rhythm's Brown Sugar) has been visiting
show rings with nice succes. For example:
Hamina INT EXC2 CQ

We have some puppie plans for Martta. Please feel free to ask!
Martta is HD B/B, PRA rcd4 clear.



Breeders class from Lahti INT. From the left Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing,
Album Cover, Brown Sugar ja Amazing Grace.
3rd out of four with the price of honour.


24.4.2012 My dear Luca turned 10!

The dearest of the dear Luca (Kanelin Key To Top) turned 10 years.
Happy birthday my Big Love!



9.4.2012 Noa got his last CAC!

JV-10 BY MVA Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" finished his CAC's
in Korpilahti with EXC1 CQ BD1 BOS CAC by Joanna Pronin.
Noa got alltogether 7 CAC's. That's more than his parents!
Congrats my Love!



Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" on Korpilahti, EXC2.

Photo: Sari Kangasjärvi


28.3.2012 Our boys and girls made me proud!

Kouvola speciality show by judge Pekka Teini:
All the Red Rhythm's dogs winning their classes!
Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco" EXC1 CQ BD3 res-CAC in his first official show!

Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" EXC1 CQ BB2 res-CAC!


And finally our darling American girl Avon Farm Summer Wind "Mila"


22.1.2012 Setters of the year 2011 -competition:

BY CH JW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa"
Best Young Dog #2, Show Dog of the year #6

Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing "Rocco"
Best Puppy#2

C.I.E. LT CH BaltW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou"
Show Dog of the Year #7, Best Breeder #9

HeJW-10 EeJV-11 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu"

Best Young Dog #8, Show Bitch of the Year #9

Congrats and thanks to all!



30.12.2011 Happy birthday dear B-litter!

30.12.2011 Swimming is fun!

Some of the B-puppies went to swimming school at Hyvinkään koirakylpylä.
We had so much fun!

You can look at some swimming photos HERE.


30.12.2011 Great health results!

We have tested some dogs for PRA rcd4 and we're more than happy for the results!

C.I.E. LT MVA BALTV-08 Kanelin Make The Cut - CLEAR
JV-06 Kerrylaw's Countesse - CLEAR
the whole B-litter CLEAR by heritage!
Red Rhythm's Album Cover - CLEAR
Avon Farm Summer Wind - CLEAR

Red Rhythm's Bring The Beat Back "Rasmus" got new hip dysplasia result at
Finnish Kennel Club vets panel: C/C.


10.12.2011 Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner 2011

Rocco (Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing) did very nice again and went
BOB-puppy with the price of honour at Helsinki Winner 2011!
Mila (Avon Farm Summer Wind) showed herself for the first time like she would
have done it a thousand times
and was placed second with CQ in the big junior class.
We had also Lempi (BY CH EEJW-10 EEW-10 Original Kiss Of Fire) with us,
who was placed EXC4 in the champion class bitches.
Judge: Jose Haro Haro, Spain

In the Finnish Winner we only had Lempi who was placed EXC2 CQ.
Judge: Eeva Anttinen

BY CH EEW-10 EEJW10 Original Kiss Of Fire
Photo: Elena Nagornaja

Avon Farm Summer Wind
Photo: Elena Nagornaja

1.12.2011 We have a new champion!!

Noa (Red Rhythm's Bass Booster) went to Minsk, Belarus with Pauliina Artiola
and came back with the title Belarus Champion!
What and ending for his amazing year in the show rings!

Noa got alltogether six Finnish CAC's in the junior and intermediate classes, one CACIB
and was placed Best Male three times being BOB two times and BIG-2 also twice.
Thanks for the lovely year my Love!

26.11.2011 Rocco keeps on going!

Rocco (Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing) had very nice succes in the puppy rings!

1HP Best Male 1 BOB-puppy BIG3 at Helsinki Puppy Show - Judge Joanna Pronin
2HP Best Male 2 at Helsinki Puppy show - Judge Hannele Jokisilta
2HP Best Male 2 at Lohja Puppy show - Judge Saija Juutilainen
1HP Best Male 1 BOB-puppy at Lahti puppy show - Judge Joanna Pronin

Congrats Erja and Rocco!

BOS-puppy Frinan Ain't She Sweet x BOB-puppy Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing
Photo: Anu Sahlman

Photo: Anu Sahlman


6.11.2011 B-litter made me proud at Imatra

B-puppies had a great day at Imatra speciality show!
Noa (Red Rhythm's Bass Booster) EXC1 CQ BM1 CAC BOB BIG-2!
Boogie (Red Rhythm's Boogie Nights) EXC2 CQ BM2 res-CAC
Martta (Red Rhythm's Brown Sugar) EXC1 CQ BB3



31.10.2011 We have a new familymember!

I'm as happy as can be! We got a beatiful girl to live with us all the way
from the United States. She's the kindest and most obedient and beautiful girl
Avon Farm Summer wind - Mila
Mila is owned by me and Pauliina Artiola at Kennel Original.
Pauliina is the one that made it possible for her to come and I'm so gratefull!

Welcome my dear!

Photo: Katri Loukusa

16.10.2011 A little red girl came to Finland

We are proud to be near the pretty newcomer from Lithuania
Karmino Made Midnight Sun - Siiri
Siiri came to Finland to join the family of Heidi Lahti and Jori Hiltunen.

Siiri lives next to us and is a part of our group. We hope she'll be a healthy and
happy girl and maybe be able to make us proud with some puppies some time.
All the best for Siiri!


Hip dysplasia results

We have some hip results from the Finnish Kennel Club. We think some results are not quite
realistic due to some changes in the Kennel Club result system
so some dogs will be x-rayed again. But at the moment we got this:

Red Rhythm's Audio Wave "Indy" HD:A/A ED:0/0

JV-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" HD:B/B ED:0/0

Red Rhythm's Beat Boxing Boy "Pablo" HD:B/B ED:0/3

Red Rhythm's Bring The Beat Back "Rasmus" HD:C/D ED:0/0 > HD changed to C/C in vets panel

HeJW-10 EeJV-11 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu" HD:C/D ED:0/0 >new X-ray

Red Rhythm's Boogie Nights "Boogie" HD:C/E ED:0/0



4.9.2011 Amazing results in five shows!

4.9.2011 Vantaa All Breeds, judge: Bo Wallin, SWE

FinJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" EXC1, CQ, BD2, CAC

JV-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster

20.8.2011 Kouvola All Breeds, judge: Joanna Pronin, FIN

HeJW-10, EeJW-11 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu" EXC1, CQ, BB2, resCAC
FinJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" EXC1, CQ, BD1, CAC, BOS!
BY CH EeW-10, EeJW-10 Original Kiss OF Fire EXC1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOB, BIG-3!!

BOS FinJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster x BOB, BIG-3 BY MCH, EeW10, EeJW-10 Original Kiss Of Fire

13.8.2011 Joensuu International Show, judge:

FinJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" EXC1, CQ, BD1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG-2!!
HeJW-10, EeJW-11 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu" EXC1, CQ, BB2, resCAC


14.8.2011 Joensuu All Breeds Show, judge: Vitor Veiga, Portugal

HeJW-10, EeJW-11 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu" EXC1, CQ, BB1, CAC, BOS!!
FinJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" EXC1, CQ, BD3

HeJW-10, EeJW-11 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu"

7.8.2011 Salo Group Speciality Show, judge: Tina Sulce, Latvia

C.I.E. LT CH BaltW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut EXC1, CQ, BD1, BOB, BIG-4!!

In between the shows we were lucky to spend some relaxing time at our
summer cabin. You can see HERE how much fun the dogs had :)

Thanks for the company my dearest Luca, Noa and Balou!


4.9.2011 Maybe just once in a lifetime

My Darling Balou turned 5 years on Aug 22nd. That also meant that our
co-owning ended and he retired from the showrings.
Thanks for Teija Parkko at Kennel Kanelin for this amazing dog!
Thanks for Tanja Raikkerus for always taking such a good care of him.
You only get this kind of a dog once in a lifetime...


6.8.2011 Balou won at Pori INT

Balou showed himself with drive in the Pori International show and won the breed
under judge Jeff Verrees from Belgium.
In the group ring judge Manuel Roureiro Borqes from Portugal liked Balou
enough to place him fourth in the big group of 12 dogs.
The final result of Balou: EXC1 CQ, BD1, CACIB, BOB, BIG4.

Noa did also nice with EXC1 CQ.

BOS Warmahill’s Daylight & BOB, BIG4 C.I.E. LT CH BaltW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut

Photos: Vuokko Cumlander


23.6.2011 All the pups have new homes

I'm happy that all the puppies have found great homes for themselves.

We still have one little girl at home waiting to be ready to travel to Sweden. So we get
to enjoy her company for a while. Noa just loves her! And so do the rest of us :)

We also have two new members in the Red Rhythm's team.

Sara - Red Rhythm's Cosmic Girl
Rocco - Red Rhythm's Chilling And Jazzing

Welcome little darlings!

16.6.2011 Some promising puppies still available!

The Red Rhythm's C-litter has grown into beautiful pack of true irish setters.
Two of them have found a home at our own team and the rest
are moving to the world to be loved and cared for by other owners.

We still have three puppyboys available. Two very promising ones are looking
for someone to love them, take care of them and take them to some shows.

If you are interested contact me!

16.6.2011 Hippu took another Winner title!

Hippu went to Estonia and won the very high quality junior class in
the Estonian Winner show. Now she can call herself
EEJW-11 HEJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious.

Congratulations Hippu and Miira!

Photo: Veera Tervasmäki

21.5.2011 Puppies are growing

Lyyli's and Melvin's puppies have grown fast and are
already walking around and eating solid food.
They've begun their journey to adulthood and are exploring the world with
great interest.

HERE you can see fotos of the little ones!

1.5. 2011 Little ones are here!

The puppy box is now full of little red ones.
Lyyli is the greatest mother and takes care of the puppies so well.

Look at some photos HERE!

Inquiries are welcome!

24.3.2011 Puppies on the way!

Lyyli has been in the ultrasound and she is expecting a big litter!
Read more about the litter here!

The puppies will be ready for their new homes in june. If you are interested
please contact!


30.1.2011 Hippu did it!

Hard work in the show rings really paid of last year!

Red Rhythm’s Bootylicious "Hippu" - Best Puppy of the Year 2010 #1

Red Rhythm’s Bass Booster "Noa" - Best Puppy of the Year #3
(best of all male puppies)

Original Kiss Of Fire "Lempi"
- Best Young of the Year #2
and Best Show Bitch of the Year 2010 #6

Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou"
- Best Show Dog of the Year #3 a competition of The Irish Red and White Setter Breed Association.

Thanks for all the people who made this happen!


30.1.2011 We have puppyplans!

Take a look at the plans HERE!



31.12.2010 What a year...

Now it's almost over... year 2010.
It's been the toughest year ever. There have been lots
of tears and losses but at the same time so much happy moments and succes.
However, I hope I'll never live through this kind of a year again.

The brutal assault of two loved ones
The most shocking event of the year was, when on 27th October
I read in the internet that some man had thrown two irish setters down
from a third floor balcony. I was immediately shocked by the news
but could never ever imagine then how close this dreadful act had come to us.
It was only later in the evening that I got a phone call telling me that it was
my beloved Tessa and her 10 month old baby Lola from my B-litter that
were the victims! Tessa's ownership had just some
months earlier been changed to the person I had co-owned Tessa with and Lola
had moved to her house in the spring. And now her boyfriend had done such thing
to the two beautiful red angels!!

That's something I'll never forget... hearing about something so dreadfull
can only sweep you right off your feet.

By a miracle the two girls did survive the attack. They were operated in
the hip area and recovered well. The first weeks the girls
stayed at my house and were taken care by me and their owner together.

Later on happened something that resulted in the girls and their owner
moving away from Helsinki. There was a strong risk of the dogs having to confront again
the man who had brutally thrown them off the balcony. That required some action
from both the police and the local authorities preventing cruelty to animals .
At the moment the girls are living further away in the eastern
Finland and they are recovering just fine.
I sure hope that they will be able to live there forever and will NEVER see
their abuser again. All my hopes and fears are with them.

The case will be handled in Helsinki court of law in the spring 2011. I hope lots
of courage to the judges to make a strong enough decision about the punishment
for the man on this senseless, disgusting and brutal act on two innocent creatures.


Overall, the year has taken and given

I got 10 beautiful puppies in B-litter that have given me lots of joy.
One of them made my family even more joyfull when I decided to keep
Noa to my house.

I have had amazing succes with Balou and Lempi who have both become
champions, Balou even Internation Show Champion C.I.E.!

Both Noa and Hippu had really nice succes in the puppy shows.
Just waiting to see how high up they are in the "Puppy of the year" competition.
They both also got new winner titles.

Both Balou and Bosse have got beautiful puppies in alltogether 4 kennels,
for example kennel Entice and Kennel Raistar.

I have beautiful memories of my two old men Demo and Axu who passed
away in the spring just 6 weeks from each other.

My darling old man Luca had some problems with his health and for a moment I
thought I would loose him too. But he is doing fine again.

And after all... Tessa and Lola did survive and are getting well.

As regarding us humans at Kennel Red Rhythm's the year has definately given!
We got engaged in the summer with Aleksi and bought a new house
in the autumn. Happy times :)


Happy New Year!


December 2010 One weekend two titles!!

The B-puppies really made me happy in the biggest shows of the year
Finnish Winner 2010 and Helsinki Winner 2010 in december.

In Helsinki Winner Hippu took the amazing placement EXC1, Best Bitch 2, ResCAC
and by that got the title
Helsinki Junior Winner 2010!!

In Finnish Winner her brother Noa did as good by placing EXC1, Best Male 3, CAC
and got the title Finnish Junior Winner 2010!!

What an amazing day!

FinJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bass Booster


HeJW-10 Red Rhythm's Bootylicious

31.10.2010 Group placement in Lahti INT!

Balou (champion class) EXC1, Best Male 1, CACIB, BOB, BIG-4!
Lempi (champion) EXC2, Best Bitch 3, ResCAC
Noa (junior) EXC1, Best Male 4, ResCAC

C.I.E Lt CH Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou" in Lahti INT
©(copyright 2010)


29.9.2010 Balou, Lempi and the kids taking rosettes

At Hyvinkää show we had a nice day with three kids and the dad.
Daddy Balou showed a nice example by placing himself BOB
under mr. Laszlo Erdös.

CIE*, LT CH, BALTW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou"

Our latest champion Lempi was also with us. She went to BB-3 with CAC!

Noa did very nice ending BOB-puppy , Hippu BOS-puppy and Boogie 2HP.

Red Rhythm's Bass Booster "Noa" 8months

Red Rhythm's Bootylicious "Hippu" 8months

Red Rhythm's Boogie Nights "Boogie" 7months
Photo: Sanna Särkelä


Our little Lempi, BY CH, EeW-10, EeJW-10 Original Kiss Of Fire (18 months)
has taken champion title in Belarus. Last weekend she became
BOB, CAC, CACIB, BIG-2 in Minsk! The result makes her BY CH!!

Next weekend at Helsinki Show Lempi took BOS, CAC!
Judge: Arja Koskelo, Finland

Balou has taken BOS, CACIB in Tervakoski Int.
I'm so happy for my guy!

Tervakoski International Dog Show
CIE* Ch Original Cut-E-Pie "Chili" BOB, BIG-3
CIE* Ch Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou" BOS
Photo: Nea Nykänen


11.8.2010 Balou did it!

Summer has gone fast! Here are the biggest news...

In june we went to Moletai in Lithuania for 2 x CACIB shows.
Kanelin Make The Cut Balou was BOB for the norwegian judge Leif-Herman Wilberg.
He also got Lithuanian CAC and CACIB.
He even won the group under the judge Joe Aramis Lim from Australia!!
These really nice results made Balou into Lithuanian Champion and
International Show Champion C.I.E.!

Photos: Anne Honkanen

Photo: Svetlana Valueva

Hippu at Best In Show ring!

In August Red Rhythm's Bootylicious Hippu was in Mikkeli Puppy Show
BOB-puppy, BIG-1 and BIS-4
Congrats Hippu and Miira!
Judge: Esko Nummijärvi



Balou and the kids succeed in Kuopio!

In August Balou took BOB and CACIB in Kuopio INT.
The kids Red Rhythm's Bootylicious Hippu were 2 x BOB-puppy
and Red Rhythm's Bass Booster Noa 2 x BOS-puppy over the weekend.

BOB Kanelin Make The Cut x BOS Original Cut-E-Pie
Photo: Krista Lehto
Judge: Jelka Simcic, Slovenia


Bosse has two litters coming!

Red Rhythm's Album Cover Bosse has been busy dating!
He has two litter coming up in
kennel Entice and kennel Red Chameleon's.
Take a look!

Red Rhythm's Album Cover "Bosse"


12.6.2010 Incredible results in the rings!

Long time no updates, but now there is lots to tell.

Original Kiss Of Fire Lempi did amazingly well in Estonian Winner 2010 in Tallin.
She became BOB-junior and finally was chosen for Best Bitch and BOS!

So we brought home the titles Estonian Junior Winner 2010 and
Estonian Winner 2010!!

BOB EstW-10 Pendoric Foggy Perfection x BOS EstJW-10, EstW-10 Original Kiss Of Fire

Lempi on the move...
Photo: Krista Lehto

Our little Hippu girl did a great debute in the rings
in irish setter speciality show in Mänttä.
She was BOB-puppy and finally also Best In Show Puppy!!

Brother Noa won the little boy puppies and became BOS-puppy!

Lyyli was placed Best Bitch 4 among 33 bitches. So nice!

Red Rhythm's breeders group was placed 5th among 7 groups.


24.5.2010 Lempi's Day

Lempi did practically it all at Helsinki International Dog Show.
She was the best junior of the whole day!

First Lempi won the junior class with CAC and was placed Best Bitch 3.
The judge also placed Lempi BOB-junior.

In the big ring Lempi competed against more than hundred BOB-juniors.
She took me by surprise and became the Best Junior of the day!
Then we competed against the winner of saturday and Lempi was placed BIS-2 junior!

Photo: Mari Ali-Raatikainen

Photo: Outi Toni

Lempi and her mother Pihka
Photo: Krista Lehto

26.4.2010 Luca turned 8 years!


Noa and the siblings

Some new photos of Noa and the B-puppies in Noa's album.

21.3.2010 My greatest Love is gone...

For almost 12 years I got to wake up and see your eyes.
Now they only sparkle in my memories.

Thanks for our years, Axu!

Redgazelle Arellano
12.5.1998 - 19.3.2010

Some more photos of me and Axu HERE.


March 15th 2010 Noa and the other puppies are growing fast!

All the B-puppies have had a really good start in their new homes.
I'm so glad that they all got so nice families!

Our own Noa has shaken the peace of our house and is giving us joy
every single day. He is a very lively boy and I'm sure he'll
grow into this really lovely dog to train and show with.

HERE you'll find more photos of Noa in the snow.

Feb 28th 2010 Puppies have left to their new homes

The B-litter has moved to their new homes. We are lucky to have
a new member in our family! Noa (Red Rhythm's Bass Booster)
is staying home with the rest of the red gang.
Also Hippu (Red Rhythm's Bootylicious) is staying in the Team but living with
Miira and Mikko on Espoo.
Sorry, we don't have their pages in inglish yet.

Welcome Noa and Hippu!

You can look at the rest of the litter HERE


Jan 6th 2010 Sorrow came in to our lives...

Our Darling Demo left us suddenly Jan 31st 2010.
There are no words to describe this sadness.

I'll always miss you my love!


Jan 25th 2010 Balou became groupwinner!

Balou (BALTW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut) made my day and
won BOB, CACIB and at the end of the day BIG-1 at Turku
International Show last weekend!

The judge in the setter ring was Harry Vella,
and the group was judged by Joao De Paula Bessa.

Photo: Kirsi Halonen
BOB, BIG-1 BALTW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut / BOS Ch Original Gigglin Geneva

Balou in the BIS-ring

My little girl Lempi (Original Kiss Of Fire) amazed me with
EXC1, Best Bitch 3, Res-CAC among 27 beautiful
bitches at 10 months of age! She even won her own mother
from the champion class. What a day!


Jan 16th 2010 Little ones are here!

We are happy to tell that Tessa has given birth to ten lovely
puppies two weeks ago.
There are five adoring girls and five handsome boys in the litter.
Tessa is a great mother and takes care of the little ones
faithfully but in a laid-back manner.

The little ones have already opened their eyes and are starting to walk.
They are happy and growing up every day.

Lots of kisses from the whole family!


Take a look at the puppies HERE!


Dec 1st 2009 We are waiting for puppies!

I'm so happy to tell you that Tessa is expecting.
I've been waiting for this combination of two perfect sweethearts.

More info HERE!


Nov 22nd 2009 Lempi did it again!

Lempi took the win again at Jyväskylä INT show.
There were 14 puppies alltogether and Lempi was BOB-puppy!

The judge Cristian Vantu from Romania specially loved
Lempi's lovely way to move.


Nov 16th 2009 Lempi took her first win!

Lempi did a great job at a puppy show in Helsinki.
The judge Raisa Savander choose Lempi to be
BOB-puppy amongst 12 beautiful puppies.
And finally she was placed BIG-4!

Well done my little princess!

Original Kiss Of Fire "Lempi" 8 months



Nov 9th 2009 What a day!

We travelled to Valkeala speciality show with Balou and
, who was in her first official show.

Balou was a really happy fellow in the ring and the judge noticed it too.
Balou was placed BOB and later on BIG-2!

Lempi made me also really proud by showing herself like a real lady
and was placed BOS-puppy!

I could never have hoped for more!
Thanks for Asta and Johanna for your help and company!

BOS Fansett Jet Set Lady xxx BOB BaltV-08 Kanelin Make The Cut
Photo: Sari Ritari
Judge: Paavo Mattila


Oct 28th 2009 Lyyli charmed in Lithuania

We travelled to Vilnius, Lithuania for two CACIB-shows.

Lyyli did very nice in the intermediate class on both days:
Balou also brought home one res-CACIB.

Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" 18months

Tessa and Balou have met on a very romantic date.
The evening went very well and we are hoping to see some
little setters in the ultra sound after a few weeks.
Check our puppy plans here!

Three of our A-puppies got their HD results from
the Finnish Kennelclub. I'm very proud of the results!

Red Rhythm's Album Cover "Bosse" HD:A/A elbows 0/0
Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" HD:A/B elbows 0/0
Red Rhythm's Acoustic Rock "Eppu" HD:B/C elbows 0/0

You can find links to the actual hip x-rays on their own pages!


13th Sept 2009 Eppu's day in Porvoo Show

Eppu (Red Rhythm's Acoustic Rock) was in his 3rd show ever in
Porvoo Show and did very nice. Eppu won the big junior class (7 junior boys)
with excellent. In the big Best Male -ring the judge Michael Forte from Ireland
placed him 3rd and gave him res-CAC. Eppu was also placed BOB junior!
The judge said he loved this little man to bits, and I was very pleased to hear that :)

Balou (BaltW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut) was EXC2 in the open class. What a nice day!

29th Aug 2009 Travelling and birthday parties

We travelled to Tallin for the Baltic Winner 2009 show.
We had such a nice and sunny day and met so many estonian friends.
did nice in the ring and won his class with the estonian CAC.
The final result EXC1, CAC, Best Dog 4


My darling Demo turned nine years 27th Aug 2009 and joined the 'gang
of the old red men'. Congratulations my Big Love!

Balou has also celebrated his third birthday 22nd Aug 2009.
Congratulations my Red Bear!


3rd Aug 2009 Perfect ending for a perfect vacation

We spent the last days of our vacation at thesummer cabin in Savo. At the
same trip we went to see Tessa and Chippen's puppy
Kaapo (Red Rhythm's Absolute Funk).
He has beacome a fine young man at 16 months of age.

3th Aug 2009 Lots of news to tell!

It has really happened a lot since the last update of the english side of our site.
I have to say sorry for being so lazy with the site,
but we have been very busy with relaxing the whole summer... :)

Here's some of the nicest show results for our dogs from the summer:

Helsinki 26th July 2009 Judge: Ronald W James (GB)
Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli"
EXC1, Best Bitch 3, CAC!

Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace "Lyyli" 15 months

Hyvinkää 29th June 2009 Special Club Show for setters and pointers,
Judge Peter Sandiford (GB):
Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou"
EXC1, Best Dog 1, BOB, Best In Show!!!

Kerrylaw's Countesse "Tessa"
EXC1, Best Bitch 1, BOS!!

Hämeenlinna 28th June 2009 Judge Jean-Pierre Achtergael:
Kerrylaw's Countesse "Tessa"
EXC1, Best Bitch 1, CAC, BOS!!

Kanelin Make The Cut "Balou"
EXC2, Best Dog 2

Our latest newcomer Original Kiss Of Fire "Lempi" has grown into a little lady.
More of her to come!


Otherwise the summer has been very relaxing and we have stayed at the
summer cottage. Here's some photos from whole gang on the way to the lake.

From the left: Axu, Luca, (Vilja), Balou and Demo

Henna Porvari has also photographed Lyyli and Tessa, the daughter and the mother.
You can look at the beautiful photos HERE!

24.5.2009 A Succesfull trip to Rauma Show

Last weekend we drove to a national dog show at Rauma. In the ring we had Lyyli
"Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace" and Balou "BALTW-08, RKFW-08 Kanelin Make The Cut"
who has been on a break fron the rings for six months.

The rain didn't bother us and Balou did great and was placed BOS
receiving his last and 6th CAC too.
His result in the open class EXC1, Best Dog 1, CAC, BOS

Lyyli didi also nice in the junior class EXC 2, Best Bitch 4

Judge: Rony Doedijns Alankomaat

Warmahill's Daylight BOB, BALTV-08, RKFV-08 Kanelin Make The Cut BOS


Photos: Katriina Toikka, Kennel Entice



May 8th 2009 Sun shine and some rain

We heard some bad news at the doctor this week. Tessa is not going to have
puppies this summer. The reason for the failure is that we were probably a little
late with the mating. Tessa's season was faster that fast this time.
But we're going to do the same combination for the winter,
so stay tuned for some puppy news!

The good news is that we have a new family member!

Original Kiss Of Fire "Lempi"


Lempi adds a bit of Australian flavour to our lines. The time will tell
how it will show in our otherwise brittish lines.
I hope this new adding will bring us some nice moves and some style.
We'll be waiting eagerly, how the little girl will turn out.

March 30th 2009 What a day!

At Korpilahti Speciality Show Lyyli did very nice!
The judge Soile Bister chose her from the junior class to be BOS!
Lyyli also got her first CAC.

Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace


March 9th 2009 The Best Irish Red Setters in 2008!

The Best Irish Red Setters in 2008 are chosen. Red Rhythm's setters did very nice!

Our little girl Lyyli (Red Rhythm's Amazing Grace) was placed
#3 Best Irish Red Setter Puppy in 2008. She was the #1 puppy bitch
Lyyli's brother Bosse (Red Rhythm's Album Cover) did also great and was placed
#6 Best Irish Red Setter Puppy.
The competition was very tight with
the record amount of puppies in the show rings last year.

My darlig boy Balou (BALTW-08, RFKV-08 Kanelin Make The Cut) was placed
#3 Best Young Irish Red Setter of 2008 and
#8 in Best Show Irish Setter!
That's a nice follow up for his title Best Irish Red Setter Puppy in 2007.

19.1.2009 We have puppie plans!

We are proud to announce that we have plans for puppies for the summer 2009.
Check out the plans of the puppies page!


The A-puppies are doing very well. Here are fresh photos of two of the boys.

Red Rhythm's Acoustic Rock "Eppu" 9 months

Red Rhythm's Album Cover "Boo" 9 months


Check the news archive of 2007 and 2008 HERE!

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